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Discover gifts of jewelry with special meaning with German brand Engelsrufer, Angel Whisperer. At the core of this collection are elegant Engelsrufer pendants crafted from 925 sterling silver, these ornamental pendants each come with a soundball that jingles softly with movement, as a call to your Guardian Angel. Available in a variety of colors, each color has a special meaning. ... sometimes at sunrise, when we are neither awake nor asleep, when dusk falls and shadows let us distrust our feelings there is a sense, something ungraspable, a whisper. maybe a soft touch caressing our cheeks.. simply something undefinable. These are angels surrounding us, always present when we need them. They listen to us and our secrets and know all our wishes. If you have lost faith in them because life has taught you about sorrow, loss and pain, this is your personal Angle Whisperer to help them find you and let you trust in them again. The Engelsrufer collection continues to expand with more symbolic pieces such as, The Tree of Life, Flower of Life, Fatima's Hand, Angel Wings and Dream Catcher pendants and charms. Shop Fallers full collection of Engelsrufer jewelry

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