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St Brigid's Crosses

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St Brigid's Crosses

St. Bridget of Ireland, also known as St. Brigid or Brigid of Kildare, was a remarkable Irish saint whose life and legacy spanned the 5th and 6th centuries. Born into a noble Gaelic family around 451 AD, she is celebrated for her deep spirituality, compassion, and devotion to serving others.

As a young woman, Bridget felt a profound calling to a life of religious service. She founded the monastery of Kildare, which quickly became a center of learning, hospitality, and charitable work. Bridget’s commitment to education and compassion for the less fortunate endeared her to the local community and beyond.

The tradition of making St. Brigid’s Cross is a beloved Irish custom, typically observed on St. Brigid’s feast day, February 1st. Crafted from rushes or straw, the cross is not only a symbol of protection but also a tangible link to the enduring legacy of St. Bridget, embodying the spirit of faith and community for generations.

Our master craftsmen have recreated this traditional cross in gold or silver for you to wear as proud symbol or your Irish Heritage. Read more about this beautiful Irish cross and its meanings here 

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