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Claddagh Rings By Fallers


Claddagh Rings Made by Faller of Galway

Fallers are renowned award winning makers of the Claddagh ring. Established in 1879 by Stephen Faller the Faller family are still to this day producing authentic Claddagh rings made in Galway, the home of the Claddagh ring.

The Claddagh ring signifies Love, Loyalty and Friendship depicted by the two hands of friendship clasping the heart of love and crown of loyalty. This is a truly special ring, Fallers have one of the largest collections of Claddagh rings made in Ireland and through our distribution partners we ship worldwide.

Old Irish tradition about Claddagh rings, Grandmothers would hand down their Claddagh rings to their daughter or grand-daughters. Handed down generation to generation, many Claddagh rigs have their own history and significance.

Claddagh rings have been made for hundreds of years in Galway, City of the tribes on the West coast of Ireland. Many myths and stories surround the true origins of the Claddagh ring, long associated with the ancient fishing village of Claddagh on the banks of the river Corrib. The design is attributed to a young Galway jeweller in the 1600’s by the name Richard Joyce. Richard was a member of the ‘tribes of Galway’ from the Joyce family.Discover the full history of the Claddagh ring here 

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