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Connemara Marble Jewelry

Shop our extensive range of genuine Connemara Marble jewelry. Often referred to as ‘Ireland’s Gem Stone’. It is a very unique form of marble only found in the valley of the 12 Bens in Connemara, the very heart of the West of Ireland. With its ‘forty shades of green’ and wild patterns, it perfectly represents the landscape of this rugged area.

When the raw stone is extracted from the quarry, it shows only the palest shades of green. It is then brought to a marble factory where master craftsmen cut and polish the marble to bring out the many shades of green and distinctive pattern. The deeper the marble is quarried from the darker the green will be. No two pieces of this natural stone will be the same meaning each piece of jewelry created will be truly unique.

An ideal gift to celebrate your Irish Heritage shop the range Connemara Marble necklaces, bracelets, earrings and cufflinks and find a totally unique piece of jewelry.

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