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Frequently Asked Questions


General Enquiries

How do I know what ring size to order?

When purchasing a ring where trying it on is not an option, such as when buying a gift or making an online purchase, there are a few things you should consider to make choosing a size much easier.

The most accurate way of determining ring size is to get your finger professionally measured by a Jeweller, where they will use ring sizers to determine the most perfect fit for your finger.  However, if this is not an option the best way would be to borrow a ring belonging to the person for whom the ring is for and then bring this into a Jewellers to get it sized.  Of course this isn’t a foolproof method as the ring they have may be worn on another finger to the new ring or the ring may not be a perfect fit itself, but at least it will be a start and give you an idea of the size you need.

Then if neither of these two options are suitable the next suggestion would be to use a paper ring measuring strip or other sizing tool which can be found on numerous online websites.  As a Jeweller we would never recommend this method as it can be highly inaccurate but it will certainly give you a rough idea of the ring size needed.

There are other factors which also need to be considered when determining the correct ring size such as the thickness of the ring you intend to purchase.  Often if it is a thick or wide ring, a person may need a size larger to get a comfortable fit than they would for a normal or thin ring. 

Remember, accurate ring size measurements are especially crucial for engagement rings, wedding rings and designed bands as many of these may be difficult and expensive to resize and some may not be resizable at all because of their intricacy.  So bear this in mind if choosing a ring for which you are not sure of the ring size needed. If in doubt always ask for advise before purchasing.

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What is the correct way to wear a Claddagh Ring?

A Claddagh ring worn on the right hand, crown turned inwards tells that the wearers heart is yet unoccupied.

Worn on the right hand with the crown turned outward reveals love is being considered.

Worn on the left hand the crown turned outwards shows that the wearers heart is well and truly spoken fo

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What birthstones correspond to each month?

BIRTHSTONES are gemstones that are associated with each month of the year. Each individual birthstone is considered lucky for that particular month and their healing powers are also believed to be heightened during that month.


Scholars believe that the tradition of birthstones dates back to the 1st Century. Like everything about the past where written accounts are either non-existent or sketchy at the very least, there is much debate about which gemstones were for what month.  Some people believe one should choose the birthstone in relation to the sign of the zodiac rather then the month. 

Others believe that birthstones were originally worn by everyone each month since the powers of that gemstone were heightened during it’s month. If that was the case then everyone should own each of the 12 gemstones. In fact the wearing of ones birthstone according to their birth month is only believed to have begun in the 18th Century.

As a result there have been many different birthstone lists but the most popular is the one listed below and is one used in relation to Jewellery in most countries. 


January            -           Garnet

February         -           Amethyst

March             -           Aquamarine

April                -           Diamond

May                 -           Emerald

June                 -           Pearl / Alexandrite

July                  -           Ruby

August             -           Peridot

September       -           Sapphire

October           -           Opal / Pink Tourmaline

November       -           Orange Topaz / Citrine

December       -           Turquoise / Tanzanite / Blue Topaz

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When I place an Order, How long before I receive it?

Orders placed on weekdays are generally processed within 1-2 days of receipt of order, though this may be longer on weekends and holidays and rare occasions. However as soon as we process an order we will email you personally to let you know when item will be shipped and how long delivery should take. Please note that not all items are readily available and they may have to be ordered in for you or made to order for you. Please see individual product descriptions for further info.

We endeavour to send out orders as quickly as possible, so many orders will go out within 1-2 days of being placed. Delivery times will all depend on item ordered and delivery destination. We will confirm length of delivery in the order confirmation email we send you once we have processed your order.  Also Please see Delivery Section and Terms and Conditions at bottom of webpage for more info.

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What is your Returns Policy?

We strive to continually provide high quality products to our customers and as a result we are certain that you will be satisfied with your purchase from Fallers Jewellers. However we understand that in some circumstances there may be customers who are unhappy with our merchandise for some reason or may just have ordered the wrong item, so yes you may return these goods for exchange or product refund provided that they are returned in their original condition and packaging and in accordance with the returns procedure below within 30 Days of receipt of the goods. Please note that some products are exempt from return including Special Order items and Engraved items.  Please see individual product descriptions for exempt items.

Don't like what you ordered? Ordered the wrong size?....No worries. Just follow the procedure below:

If you receive damaged goods or just wish to return goods for exchange or refund:

 - you MUST notify us by EMAIL WITHIN 14 DAYS of receipt of the goods.

 - We will email you a Return Merchandise Authorisation Form and Return Number.

 - You need to return the goods to us with the accompanying Returns Form (fully completed) within 30 Days of receipt of goods.

Returns sent back to us without a fully completed Returns Form will incur a return processing fee and where refunds are sought, a full refund may not be paid.

Please note that where exchange of goods is required, additional shipping charges may be incurred.

Method and cost of returning goods to us are the responsibility of the buyer and it is advised that you use a trackable and insured service to return goods to us.

Please note that items purchased online CANNOT be returned or exchanged in the shop itself, they must be returned via the procedure stated above only.

*This returns policy applies to website only. For shop policies please contact the store on 091 561226.

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What shipping methods do you use?

We use different shipping methods depending on the item ordered and the country of delivery. However all methods require SIGNATURE DELIVERY.

IRELAND: Our main shipping method is by Fastway Courier Service, however we may also use An Post. Both methods need to be signed for delivery.

USA: For Jewellery items we use both Registered Mail which is delivered by USPS as well as FedEx.  For Giftware items they are generally shipped to the USA by a Freight company and then delivered by UPS. All methods require a signature delivery.

UK, Europe and Rest of World: We use both Registered Mail which is delivered by the local postal service in the destination country and FedEx.  Both methods require signature delivery.

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What happens if my order does not arrive or is damaged on arrival?

If your order does not arrive:

We email customers once their order has been shipped and provide them with expected delivery dates.  Generally orders are delivered within the timeframes stated to customers, often even faster than expected.  However delivery is outside our control and while we have chosen our shipping companies with speed and security in mind, there are rare occasions when orders do not arrive within schedule.  In these circumstances we will do everything we can to trace the parcel and find out the reason for delay. But please bear in mind that this is not always a fast process and may take time. Whatever happens, we will ensure that you will receive your order.

If your order is sent by FedEx or UPS we provide tracking numbers by email. Items sent via An Post can be tracked by us if it is not received by the customer within the expected time frame.

If you do not receive your order within the delivery timeframe outlined in the email we sent you then you must contact us immediately so that we can put a parcel trace in place. Thankfully we very rarely have a package go missing, it is most likely that the package was held up in transit due to some unforeseen circumstance and will just be delivered later than expected.

If your order is damaged on delivery:

We try to ensure that all orders are securely packaged for shipping and will hopefully therefore arrive in perfect condition.  However in some cases such as with crystal goods, no matter how good they are wrapped accidents can happen during the shipping process.  If this happens you must email us immediately on receipt of damaged goods to inform us of the damage, stating when delivered, damage caused and including photos and we will get back to you as soon as possible to sort out replacement for you as we obviously want you to receive your order in perfect condition.

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How do I add/change something on my order?

If you make a mistake when ordering whether ordering the wrong product or making a mistake in your personal details or you just want to add something else to your long as your order has not been processed then there should be no problem.  Just email us as soon as possible, making sure to quote your order number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Can you giftwrap my order?

Yes of course we can giftwrap your order. Just request giftwrapping in the Comment Box when placing your order or email us when you place your order with your order number.  We can also include a message with the order so just let us know what message you would like on it. There is no charge for this service.

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My Order is a gift. Can I send it directly to them?

Yes we can of course ship your order to another address.  When you are filling in the order details, it will ask for your Billing address and then for the Delivery address so you can put in a different address for delivery if required. 

Please note that you must input a telephone number for the delivery address in order to facilitate delivery.

As your purchase is a gift then we can attach a note and giftwrap the item for you.  Just request this in the Comment Section when placing your order. Please note that only the comment you request to be included (if any) will be included with the order.  No details such as order name, prices etc are included so if you wish the receiver to know who sent the order then please make sure you include a Note.

N.B.: For orders sent to a different country: Please note that if you are sending an order to a country outside the EU then you should choose to pay in USD as these prices are exclusive of VAT.

However if you are sending an order within the EU then you need to pay in either EUR or GBP as these prices include VAT which must be paid for delivery within the EU.

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Hows does our Click & Collect service operate?


Click & Collect is a convenient and complimentary service which enables you to place an order online and collect from our store at no additional charge.

To use this service you just need to add your selected item(s) to your shopping bag and proceed to checkout.  There you will be given a list of delivery methods, please choose Click & Collect from the options.  

PLEASE NOTE:    Only orders paid for using the Credit Card payment system can be collected in store. PayPal orders must be shipped out.

Your Click & Collect order will be processed (this can take up to 3 days* and longer in some instances) and you will then be notified of whether the item ordered is in stock or needs to be ordered in.   You will then be emailed once your order is available for collection in store.  Only when you receive this email can you collect your order in store.

PLEASE NOTE:       Only the Cardholder can collect order in store.

All orders must be signed for upon collection.

Please bring the following documentation with you to our Click & Collect Pick Up Point (Located at the Service Centre):

  1. A copy of your 'Ready for Collection' email or show this document on a phone or tablet.
  2.  The payment card that you used to purchase the items and photographic ID (a driving license or passport only).

We will keep your order at the collection point for 7 days only, from the date the order collection email is sent to you. After this period you will be contacted by email to arrange shipping of the item.

Any queries on our Click and Collect service please email us at

Click & Collect operates the same Returns policy as our website. For more information on our Website Returns policy please click here:

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