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It all began when a young man called Stephen Faller opened Fallers Jewellers in Galway City in 1879. Stephen was a clock maker and was known to travel the highway and byways of the west of Ireland selling his famous wall clocks. The story is told that while traveling the county, he would leave a clock in a house for safe keeping. On his return, the house owners had grown so fond of the clock, they would purchase it rather than hand it back.  Today, many of these clocks can be found in houses around the west of Ireland. Indeed, one of the original clocks is  proudly on display in Fallers.  But it was not just clocks that interested this young man. Stephen designed and made Claddagh rings.  The Claddagh ring gets its name from a small fishing village which was located outside the walls of Galway City. The ring has three very strong symbols. the heart which stands for love, the crown is for loyalty and the hands represent friendship. When wearing the ring, if the heart is pointing inwards, this shows that the wearers heart is taken, however, if the heart points outwards, the wearers heart is available. Like the Fallers clocks, there are many examples of the original Fallers Claddagh ring found not just in the west of Ireland but throughout the world.
in 1898 Fallers moved to its present location on Williamsgate Street. The street gets its name from the original east gate entrance into Galway City. Galway was a walled town with entry restricted through gates. The main gate, was located outside Fallers. Parts of the old City wall are still to be seen around the city.   Until 1940, only half of the area of the shop was actually used as a shop. In that year, the remainder was incorporated so that the clients has more space in which to do their shopping and more stock could be shown to our customers.   In the 1950,s the business was again growing and in 1961, Fallers acquired the adjacent shop which has been a drapers.(Forkins)  In 1963 while on a state visit to Galway the President and First Lady of the USA were presented with Fallers Claddagh Rings by the Mayor of Galway,  P.D. Ryan. Fallers also made a beautiful  casket  in sterling silver gilt resting on Connemara marble which contains the freedom papers for  President John F. Kennedy  from Galway City.  The Kennedy coat of arms is engraved on the left of the inscription and on the right is the seal of Galway. This was on the 29th.June 1963.  In 1996 Fallers again expanded, but this was not to do with bricks and mortar, this was the beginning of As one of Ireland oldest family run business, we are willing to adjust with the times and embrace new ideas.  The has allowed  our customers from around the world, to shop with Fallers, even when they are not visiting Ireland. Our web site has 1000’s of quality items. We ship world wide using Fedex or An Post (Irish Postal Service). Many of our orders are shipped within 24 hours, however, some items are made to order and will take longer.  Our Chairman, in 1979 was Catherine Faller  stated at a function to celebrate Fallers 100 years in business “No company by its nature has a right to expect to survive. Survival depends on the people who make up the company. It depends on their ability to adapt to changing trends, marketing demands and foresee the needs of their customers and satisfy them. This coupled with mutual respect, dedication and loyalty form the elements that lead a company in the direction culminating in the celebration of its hundredth birthday “  Having passed our 135th. birthday, we hope Stephen, William, Catherine (Kitty) and Cornelius (Nelius) Faller are happy with what the fourth and fifth generation of this fine company have achieved. As we look forward to the future, we will embrace it with the same commitment to quality, selection and service as we did in the past and hopefully the future will be as rich and exciting as in the past for Fallers.

Manufacturer Of the 'Claddagh Ring'

While Stephen was famous for his wall clocks ( wag-o-the-wall ) which were sold to houses throughout the west of Ireland, he also manufactured the beautiful Claddagh ring. Today, the Fallers family continue to make this famous Galway ring.  The ring gets its name from a small fishing village on the outskirts of Galway City.  The ring has three symbols, the hands represent friendship, the crown symbolises loyalty while the heart stands for love. These three very powerful symbols are carefully combined to form the Claddagh ring.  Each ring made by Fallers are hallmarked in Dublin and each ring bears our founders initials. (S.F.)

The original ring was made of gold. Today, the ring is available in Silver, Platinum and Gold. Claddagh rings are either plain or stone set,  stones including Diamonds, Emeralds and the full range of birthstones.  The Claddagh symbol is available in a many forms of jewelry including Earrings, Pendants and Bracelets.  While Fallers have one of the worlds largest collection of Claddagh rings, our store stocks a fine collection of Celtic Irish Jewelry  including beautiful Celtic Crosses, Children of Lir, Shamrock and Celtic  Jewelry  in Gold and Silver, with some items set with the Connemara Marble.

Galway is the gateway to Connemara where the famous Marble is founds, Connemara has wonderful scenery of lakes and mountains. A visit to Galway would not be complete until you visit Fallers, Jewellers since 1879, on Williamsgate Street, Galway.  Along with the Claddagh ring, Fallers stock many famous brands including Waterford Crystal, Thomas Sabo, Swarovski, Michael Kors,  and Mi Moneda.

Online since 1996

While we love the year 1879, we also love 1996. The year Fallers launched our first web site Today, this is a very important part of our business. For those who can not visit our store or indeed for those who like to shop from home, Fallers offer one of the finest web sites for jewelry and watches. has allowed us to connect with our many customers around the world. While many of our customers are from the USA, we are receiving order from Canada, Australia,Japan and many other parts of the globe.

In fact, we think Stephen Faller would have liked the idea of the web and that he would be proud to see his company, which started in 1879 is now selling around the world.

So,  whether you shop with us by the web or in person, on behalf of the Fallers, we promise you a happy and enjoyable shopping experience.