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Celtic Tree Of Life



The Celtic Tree Of Life Meaning & Symbolism in Irish Jewelry


Celtic Tree Of Life Jewellery

Irish Celtic jewelry is loved worldwide for its ability to tell a story and convey deep meaning. With a number of different symbols and signs to choose from, what better symbol to start the year with than the Celtic Tree of Life. Gaining much popularity in recent years this beautiful tree represents growth, rebirth and eternal life.


Celtic Culture

Celtic Tree of Life Pendant With Connemara Marble in Sterling Silver
Celtic Tree Of Life Pendant With Genuine Connemara Marble in Sterling Silver


The Celtic Tree of Life, An Crann Bethadh, is drawn with the branches reaching for the sky and the roots spreading out into the earth below. A very important aspect of the Celtic culture, the Celts believed trees to be sacred, be it as symbols or due to medicinal properties. They believed that Trees were the source of all life. For them, the Tree of Life represented Balance and Harmony.


The Celtic Tree of Life Through History


Celtic Tree of Life Necklace Made from Sterling Silver with Cubic Zirconia
Sterling Silver Celtic Tree Of Life Pendant Inlaid With Sparkling Stones


    • The ancient Druids believed it connects Heaven, the Earth and the After Life. The trees deep roots are planted into the lower world while its branches reach out to the Heavens with the trunk remaining on earth.
    • When forming a new community The Celts planted a tree in the center and called it on Crann Bethadh. Giving shelter and shade during important meetings, it would become the hub of the community. A source of all life, the Trees also served a source of food, heat and a home to the wildlife.
    • The Celts believed the Tree to be their ancestors in a reincarnated state. Thus believing the tree of life to have supernatural powers. They would cut down their enemies sacred Trees believing it would render them powerless and ensure their victory over them.
    • The Oak tree was considered the most sacred of all trees by the Celts. ‘Daur’ the Celtic word for Oak derives from the word door. Hence the trees provided the doorway to the other world, the realm of the Fairies as you will read in many Irish legends and Folklore.
    • A symbol of Rebirth for the Celts, the tree goes through each seasonal change from Summer to Winter and is reborn.


A Symbol of Family

Gold Celtic Tree of Life Earrings set with Sparkling Diamonds and Emeralds
Gold Celtic Tree of Life Earrings set with Sparkling Diamonds and Emeralds


The Tree of Life is a symbol of Family, Fertility and Ancestry. A tree may grow old but it bears the seeds that contain its very essence so that in a way it becomes immortal. Much like how your family grows and expands through generations with a never-ending connection to your ancestors. With strong roots and consistent growth, it is also known as a symbol of fertility and rebirth. Its lush green leaves and fruit produce seeds and saplings allowing new trees to keep growing.


Wisdom, Strength, Unity and Longevity

House of Lor Tree Of Life Pendant
House of Lor Tree of Life Necklace made from sterling silver with a piece of rare Irish Gold.


The Tree of Life with its far-reaching branches represents our quest for knowledge. Its sturdy trunk symbolizes strength and unity, while its flowers and fruit show renewed growth and eternal life.


Celtic Tree of Life Jewelry

Celtic Tree of Life Pendant in gold adorned with Emerald and Diamond
Sparkling Celtic Tree of Life Necklace expertly made from 14K gold and set with Diamonds and Emeralds.


Interpreted in many different ways in our Celtic Jewelry the Tree of Life makes a wonderful gift idea. With its decorative motif, our master craftsman incorporates other popular Celtic symbols like the Trinity Knot. With no beginning and no end, the Celtic Knot forms through its branches symbolizing eternal life and connection. The Fruit and leaves of the tree are often displayed with a sparkling diamond, emeralds and other gemstones symbolizing renewed growth. The Celtic Tree of Life makes a stunning ornate piece of Irish jewelry filled with meaning and Irish symbolism.




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