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Frequently Asked Questions Claddagh Rings

The Claddagh Ring FAQS


Buying a Claddagh Ring is one of life’s precious moments. Whether buying it as a gift or for yourself, you are likely to have many questions on what makes this famous Irish ring so special. To help you on your buying journey we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions when buying a Claddagh Ring.

How To Wear a Claddagh Ring?

Traditionally, the ring was worn as a symbol of your relationship status. For a more in depth explanation read our blog on How To Wear Your Claddagh Ring.

What finger do you wear a Claddagh Ring on?

As mentioned above, there are ways to wear the Claddagh Ring if you want to display your relationship status. However, you can wear your Claddagh on whichever finger you like. Be it your pinky finger, ring finger, index or middle finger, the Claddagh ring will look beautiful whichever you choose.

How To Wear If You’re Single

Claddagh Ring in 9ct Yellow Gold


Worn on the right hand, crown turned inwards shows your heart is yet unoccupied.

How To Wear If You’re In A Relationship

Worn with the crown turned outward reveals love is being considered.



How To Wear If You’re Married

Worn on the left hand the crown turned outwards shows all, that your heart is truly spoken for.

White Gold Emerald And Diamond Claddagh Engagement and Wedding Ring Set


Of course not everyone is buying a Claddagh to show their relationship status. For most, the Claddagh ring is a symbol of their Irish Heritage. And it can be worn on any finger your choose!

How To Wear a Claddagh Ring for Friendship?

If wearing a Claddagh Ring for Friendship, you can wear it whichever way you like on whatever finger suits you best. There is no way right or wrong way to wear it.

Men's Heavy Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring Oxidized

Do Guys Wear Claddagh Rings?

For those of you wondering if guys can wear Claddagh rings, the answer is a resounding yes! In fact the Claddagh ring is one of the most if not the most popular ring for men.

14K Gold Heavy Claddagh Ring with Diamond in Star Setting

Is the Claddagh Ring Catholic?

The Claddagh Ring does not have any religious elements. However it is believed Richard Joyce, who created the design was a Catholic.


Sterling Silver Claddagh Rings Stacked

What is the meaning of the Claddagh Ring?

The meaning of the Claddagh Ring is Love, Loyalty and Friendship (Grá, Dílseacht agus Cairdeas)The Hands are the symbol of Friendship (Cairdeas), the Crown, Loyalty (Dílseacht) and the Heart is a symbol of Love (Grá).

Where is the Claddagh Ring From?

The Claddagh ring was designed in Galway originally. Richard Joyce made the ring for his sweetheart. He was from a little village in Galway city called the Claddagh. Hence the name.

Claddagh Village Taken From the Galway Advertiser
Photograph of the Claddagh Village taken in the 1930s. (Source: Galway Advertiser)


When was the Claddagh Ring invented?

The Claddagh ring was designed in the 1700s by Richard Joyce. Therefore, it has certainly stood the test of time. Remaining one of our most popular rings for men, women and children even today.

Vintage Claddagh Ring Yellow Gold Crafted in Galway 1750
Vintage Claddagh Ring Crafted in Galway 1750


Where to buy a Claddagh Ring?

Because the Claddagh originated in Galway, you should buy your Claddagh ring in Galway to keep it authentic. And who better to buy from than us! Making Claddagh rings since 1879 means our craftsmen have honed their skills to perfection. For all the reasons why your Claddagh ring should be a Fallers Claddagh ring, read our blog on Why You Should Buy a Fallers Claddagh Ring.


Fallers Jewelers Shop In Galway
Stephen Faller Outside Fallers Jewelers

Who can give you a Claddagh Ring?

There are no hard rules as to who can you a Claddagh Ring. Traditionally it was given to you by your sweetheart. However nowadays, it can be given to you by anyone. It can be given to you by your parents, or grandparents for special birthdays or graduations. It is also often given to godchildren by their godparents as gift for communions, birthdays or any significant occasion.

The Claddagh ring makes a beautiful family heirloom. Engrave one of our heavy Claddagh rings with a date or a name to make a precious heirloom to pass down through generations.


14k gold claddgh ring

Is it bad luck to buy your own Claddagh Ring?

No it is not bad luck to buy your own Claddagh Ring! This is a wonderful and special gift you can give yourself as a reminder of your Irish Heritage.



How much does a Claddagh Ring cost?

Our Claddagh Rings range from 52.80$ including taxes upwards. We only use precious metals, sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold and platinum to make our Claddagh rings. Hence you are only ever going to buy the finest quality from Fallers.


Do you have further questions?

If you have further questions about this iconic Irish ring, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Well versed in the History of this special ring, we would be delighted to discuss!


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